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This Is Just the Beginning

Hi eveyone!,

I'm Isabel Valadez! I'm currently living and creating in Sonora, CA. I started this little biz as a creative outlet in 2018. I’m a self - taught jewelry maker and a one woman show! I've experimented with many, MANY different mediums over the years but jewelry making has always been my true passion. I am so excited to incorporate my Blog and start sharing tips, craft tutorials, and daily life hacks for a healthier mind.

Delicate Findings, to begin, started while I was attending college in Monterey, CA. I was there studying to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. One late night, while lying crammed in my twin bed, I had the idea of the name Delicate Findings. At the time I was making bracelets in my dorm room and taking product pictures on the beach. I thought of the how delicate and beautiful the glass beads looked against the sand, so small they could easily be lost, but with a closer look they could be found. My bracelets were my little findings ( along with some seashells and sea glass). The process of making these bracelets brought me peace of mind, especially after a stressful class. I would walk to the beach or back into my little room and create. After graduating college, life (aka adulting) hit a little harder and approached without warning. I lost my motivation and drive to create. Work and making enough money to pay rent was priority.

As the dust settled, I settled down as well. I found myself having new ideas and a drive in which fed my passions. I have always wanted to run a small business and to create jewelry that has meaning. Jewelry that makes you feel pretty, dainty, elegant, and confident. A small finding that brings a little joy.

This is just the beginning.


Isabel Valadez

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